Why Women’s suffrage means Everyone’s suffering

A common narrative broadcast by mass media all across the Liberal democracies of the world today is that Women deserve to be equal to men in all regards, including, quite significantly, the Right to vote. This narrative has become so well entrenched in the minds of the people that no one dares question its validity in Public for fear of being labelled a regressive bigot. But one doesn’t have to dig very deep into Women’s past voting record to understand how Women’s suffrage is a recipe for disaster- both short term cultural decline and long term Civilisational collapse.

The End of Social Cohesion

The West shows us what almost a century of Women’s suffrage has done to tear apart the social fabric and cohesion of those countries, to the extent that they now willing import millions of hostile young immigrant men. Western Women have consistently voted to increase the powers of the Welfare State, because this allows them to raise their progeny without the need for a man. The result has been disastrous as seen by the destruction of the traditional Family Unit in much of Europe and the United States. In the US, almost 25% of all Children are growing up in a single mother household. These households are vastly more likely to be below the poverty line and these children are vastly more likely to get involved in Criminality and fail academically.

Once there is no social or financial pressure on women to remain loyal to a man and help maintain a traditional family, they become free to sleep around as much as they want. The natural consequence of this greater female promiscuity is that the Alpha-Beta dichotomy becomes much more pronounced as a small proportion of men at the top with the highest Sexual Market Value (SMV) end up getting most of the sex from Women, while the vast majority of men are deprived of regular and consistent sex. It is because of this alienation from the opposite sex that millions of young Western men seek refuge in Pornography, video games etc and become social recluses who drop out of Society. These men do not feel they have a stake in their societies any more and hence feel no need to protect their Nations from foreign aggression and cultural decline.

Add to this the fact that Women are vastly less objective than Men and are more emotional in their decision making. This makes them an easily manipulated target for the Plutocrats who control the Mainstream media. Thus, most women are easily fooled by images of “Poor, oppressed refugees with nowhere to go”. Women have very weak tribal loyalty so they quickly accept this idea of welcoming and accepting people of vastly different cultural backgrounds into their Nations. Even if the hordes of foreign young men uproot their Civilisation from the face of the Earth, the average Western woman would still get to reproduce with the foreign Conqueror, while the average Western man would either face death, exile or some sort of servitude/slavery. This is why sub-consciously most men can still somewhat understand the importance of preserving the cultural homogeneity of their Nations as well as maintaining their Borders but the female sub-conscious has little to no conception of the same.

A dire Warning for India

Even in India, where Family values are still relatively strong and Feminism is yet to make the kind of headway which it has made in the West, Female suffrage results in the expansion of an inefficient and corrupt State. Left wing, Socialist parties almost always enjoy a slight edge because of the female bias for them, while conventionally right wing parties like the BJP are put to some disadvantage. Parties from across the political spectrum promise affirmative action for Women to grab the female vote while killing even the tad bit of Meritocracy left in India. It’s the same Female voting bloc which pushes calls for unnecessary State intervention in people’s private lives in the form of Prohibition/high taxes on Alcohol.

As Feminism keeps getting stronger in India and the State expands its welfare appeasement of Women voters, the traditional Family unit will take a massive blow and the Patriarch or the Father figure will be relegated to the sidelines. Already, sexual morals are becoming increasingly loose and our country is heading straight for the same path that has brought Western Civilisation to its knees. Marriage and Divorce laws keep moving away from being aimed at equitable, pro-family solutions to becoming favourable to the interests of the Individualistic female, another sign of our impending Cultural doom.

Everyone loses but the Elite

All of this is not to say that this is plainly a question of Men vs. Women where one Sex’s benefit is pitted against the other’s. The kind of societies that the manipulated female voter ends up creating are not Utopias at all even for women. As the Welfare State expands along with Government regulations that stifle Private enterprise and destroy individual drive, the country’s economic health suffers. Even if there is sustained economic growth, it disproportionately benefits the established Plutocrats and keeps the standard of living for the average person depressed. Small business, kept down by crippling Government taxes and onerous regulations, can no longer compete with the established Corporate houses of the Crony capitalists. The common man as well as the common woman find themselves increasingly dissatisfied, both financially and emotionally.

Women in the Progressive Nanny State of the modern West eventually become disillusioned and destabilised mentally once they begin to age in their 30s and have no reliable Husband to depend on or any Children to raise and nurture. In the United States, close to 12 million Women suffer from Clinical Depression each year, and in fact suffer from a Depression rate that is twice as high compared to men. Overall, Women in the Anglosphere are 40% more likely to suffer from mental Health problems in comparison to Men. The modern, empowered Western Women is left less financially secure, more emotionally unstable and a general state of directionless and unhappiness with the steady march of Feminism which was given wings by the advent of Women’s suffrage.

Voting rights for Women have not done anything to make for a more fulfilling existence for the vast majority of the members of the Fairer Sex, while simultaneously destroying the loyalty of countless millions of men to their Societies and Nations. What Female suffrage has accomplished in the West is to create diseased, individualistic societies where the power of money reigns supreme and the vast majority of the population is left dissatisfied and purposeless, with ever greater numbers falling into Destitution and dependence on the State. The real beneficiaries of this Social Progressivism are the Plutocrats (and their stooges in the Government) who get substantially cheaper labour as Women abandon families and flood into the Workforce, driving down median wages. Consumption and thus Corporate Profits are maximised by the individualistic material pursuits of a population that seeks to fill their empty lives by mindless spending on anything that gives them short term pleasure or entertainment. This Dystopia is the eventual, unavoidable consequence of the disastrous decision of giving Women the vote in any Society.

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