Retreat, Revive And Re-Capture: A Solution For Our Current Civilisational Crisis

Sorry for my attempt at some catchy wordplay in the headline folks, just couldn’t help myself from taking a leaf out of our Supreme Leader’s playbook. Anywho, those among us who’re in the dissident Right spend much of our time on to and fro about the million different problems we face in the political, religious, geopolitical and other spheres, but as some are quick to point out (and rightly so), we are not as forthcoming with possible solutions to end our collective miseries and give the people some hope that we can, indeed, build a better future.

This post will try to remedy this situation, and put forth what may be termed as a provisional plan of action– essentially a strategy to survive, and (later) thrive, in a world which gets madder by the day. Without further ado, this is what the ‘Retreat, Revive and Re-Capture’ strategy basically entails:

Firstly, like minded individuals, families and communities will have to retreat deep into the countryside. As the Spandrell famously put it, “Cities are IQ shredders”, meaning that they first attract the smartest people, but then push them into sub-replacement fertility patterns. In the Indian context, urbanisation has had a severe impact on the reproductive rates of all communities, but specifically has pushed Dharmics like Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others below the replacement rate. Moreover, the problem of sub-replacement fertility is particularly acute among so-called ‘Upper Caste’ Jatis.

A retreat from the cities is needed to preserve the best human capital among Hindus from the existential problem of sub-replacement fertility. Thankfully, due to rapid urbanisation, the countryside in many states has started to empty out, particularly in states like Kerala, Uttarakhand, Punjab and others. This same pattern will repeat itself in the rest of the country sooner or later. What this means is that there is a golden window of opportunity to acquire farmland in the countryside with lesser and lesser chances of competition/friction from existing communities there.

But just transplanting families from cities to villages isn’t enough to give a sizeable enough fertility boost; the best examples of communities which have been able to maintain high total fertility rates (TFR) generation after generation, even while surrounded by modernity, are those which doggedly cling to religious orthodoxy– groups like the Haredi Jews and the Amish, both of which average 6-7 births per woman. The former group numbered just around 230,000 individuals in Israel back in 1990, but their population crossed 1,125,000 by 2018– almost quintipling in less than 30 years!

In what manner are millions of ideal Hindu recruits to this plan to be brought into the orthodoxy of Sanatana Dharma is a subject too complex to discuss in this post, but what should be clear is that the substratum of any such organising ideology must be the Vedas, or the movement ceases to be Hindu in its essence. A governing and organisational philosophy also has to be built keeping in mind the needs of expanding communities, self-defence and foremost– keeping the overreach and paternalism of the State in check.

Once these orthodox Hindu communities in the countryside are established and begin to grow, they will have more and more opportunities to begin influencing local politics and policy– whether primarily through the ballot, or just by means of sheer economic and social heft. One interesting characteristic of the way the Indian political system works may also help the cause: rural areas tend to be allotted seats in the Parliament and state assemblies usually disproportionately greater than their share of the population. This may just be due to the usual delays in delimiting constituencies, or the political sensitivity of taking away seats from rural areas and giving them to urban areas, yet, the net effect is the same.

If the calibre of the seed population of this neo-Hindu orthodoxy is selected carefully, if proselytisation is done smartly, and if its system of governance ensures permanence, then in time it can reverse many of the demographic, cultural and political losses which have been suffered. A few million of such organised, fertile and productive neo-Orthodox Hindus will be a force to reckon with, but 50 or 100 million of them will be able to take over the State, and with that, re-capture the reins of our Civilisation.

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  1. Dear Frontier Indica Team-
    I am anonymous and not on any Social Media by design. I also happen to have a close view of the workings of Government in India. Below are some of my views on a Constitutional basis for Hindu Rashtra.

    Fundamental Principles of State Policy
    1) India 2.0 will be a Hindu Rashtra, for and by and of Hindus, without reference to their mother tongue or region of origin. Converts to Hinduism can avail the civic benefits of being Hindus from the second generation
    2) Non Hindus can in India 2.0 can be Permanent Residents not eligible for voting or Government Service, with a constitutional status akin to Long Term Korean Residents in Japan and can be issued with “Permanent Resident Passports” for travel and such
    3) Civil and Military Service in India 2.0 will be explicitly recognized as a privilege and not any special “extraordinary public service” by the individual (The current model consists of certain groups claiming to “serve the nation” but forming a privileged coterie and nexus in Civil Service, Armed Forces, CAPFs and Judiciary). “Tours of Duty” and “Cadetship” will be used maximally to expose almost all Hindu families to Government Service in civilian, military and judiciary roles. Pensionable long term service to be curtailed to the maximum extent. India 2.0 will minimize a UPSC-like permanent rent-seeking class.
    4) Non Hindu and foreign ownership of media and non Hindu employment in journalism will be eliminated.
    5) Non Hindus can work in commercial and service sectors untrammeled.
    6) Churches and Church owned institutions and properties to be nationalised. Governing bodies of Churches should include Practicing Hindus to prevent defamation of Hinduism Mosques, Dargahs, Mazars and Wakf owned institutions and properties to be nationalised. Governing bodies of these should include Practicing Hindus to prevent defamation of Hinduism
    7) Conversion of Hindus to other religions to be proscribed
    8) Christians & Muslims not to be allowed to keep Hindu names
    9) Hinduism inheritable from Father. Mother can be of any religion except Judaism which stipulates Mother’s religion for Baby
    10) Circumcision proscribed for Hindus. All Communities to be discouraged from Burial of dead bodies for Environmental Reasons.
    11) Temples to be handed over to individual Trusts. Temple Trust elections to be under the ambit of Election Commission
    12) A Thailand like “Lese Majeste” legislation will be used to impose draconian penalties on those defaming Hinduism and Hindu culture

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