Make or Break: Why the 21st Century will be decisive for India’s fate as a Civilisation

Maybe this sounds like too obvious an assertion to put into words, but there’s a lot more to the matter than meets the eye at first glance. From Government of India GDP targets & projections, and from the premature jubilation of mainstream Indian right wingers at supposedly beating back the ‘Islamic enemy’, it might seem like we’re well on our way to becoming an a world power in the same league as the EU, China or the US; if not in the next 30 years, perhaps a decade or two after that. Well, that vision may very well turn out to be a dud.

The critical challenge is that of Demography. We are well on our way on the same demographic trajectory as the Europeans, Americans and East Asians before us witnessed- that of a declining birth rate combined with increasing life expectancy. But unlike them, we’re making mediocre use of our golden window when we have the largest age cohorts ever entering the workforce and a low dependency ratio. China during a similar transition was quite consistently racking up GDP growth numbers in the double-digits across multiple years, while we have to be content with 7 to 8 per cent in a good year.

What’s more, our current economic slowdown may be worsened by a once in a century pandemic: Covid-19. This will further push down our average growth to such levels that it will become almost impossible to break out of the middle-income category by the time our population starts to rapidly age. Once stuck in the classic middle-income traffic, we may begin to witness a deterioration of social order anywhere from the scale of Brazil, South Africa or Venezuela today.

Another facet to the demographic problem is that followers of Indic religions will likely be overrepresented among the ageing/declining population of the country, while Abrahamics, particularly Muslims will form an ever expanding proportion of the population. As if this internal demographic crisis wasn’t enough, the Af-Pak region is witnessing a population explosion of massive proportions. It is more than plausible that at some point in the future the Muslim voters of India will hold enough political sway for the North-Western borders to be thrown open teeming masses of even more impoverished and more fundamentalist co-religionists of theirs to stream into our country.

So under this entirely possible scenario, we may be looking at ending the century on an entirely different note- as an ageing economic dystopia on the verge of being overwhelmed by Mohammedan hordes. Such an end is by no means a foregone conclusion, but it is certainly not a fringe possibility either.

3 thoughts on “Make or Break: Why the 21st Century will be decisive for India’s fate as a Civilisation”

  1. Hi, saar
    You are stupid as fuck. You wrote a whole article pontificating on fate of Lundiya but didn’t talk about women Lmao, You are looking at china with starry eyes just because they are making better slave out of their plebs.
    USA is richest country with 20trillion $ economy, What is the condition of their society rn? People are buying out stores so they can sell their fellow community member 2$ toothpaste for 10$ during acute shortage of necessities, 40% of men don’t know if they are raising their own child or someone else and chinki women are more hypergamous than even white Womutt. Same trends will be seen in lundiya as well especially for more Dindu women. So You/we should better focus on things you have more control over like women in your house.
    I agree with you on K2a problem tho. I also think Afgandu and bakistani will side towards Lundiyan k2a.

    1. The need for social conservatism may be discussed in a different article (s) in the future. Also, I don’t think it’s a choice between a materially successfully society and a society which still follows traditional family norms. Ideally, we should strive for both, especially considering the dire poverty many of our countrymen live in.

      Please refrain from insults/profanity in future comments.

  2. I fear the same thing. I fear that India will be overtaken by Mohammedan hordes and invaders from Afghanistan/Pakistan/Bangladesh, not only to mention the high rate of breeding of the Indian Muslim population.

    The Muslim population bomb is dangerous. We don’t want Hindu men to be killed, and Hindu women to be raped and converted to Islam.

    What’s the point of economic development, if the Muslim population bomb is not solved? If the Muslim population bomb continues, then even though Hindus worked hard in order to make India rich, developed, industrialized, and urbanized (on a GDP per capita basis), Muslims by the end of the 21st century can kill us Hindus and take over India.

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