India’s mainstream right wing: A Civilisational dead end

It was a moment to rejoice and celebrate for most patriotic minded, conservative leaning Indians when the results of the 2014 General Election came out, putting the BJP and its allies back in power with an unexpectedly sound majority. The people were frustrated and angry with 10 years of Congress misrule which was riddled with corruption scandals of an unprecedented magnitude, painfully high rates of Inflation, erratic economic growth, blatant pandering to the Muslim minority, among a multitude of other misdeeds. It’s easy to understand what draws the aspiring middle class, the Nationalist citizenry and the traditionalists towards the BJP- the Party has been immensely successful in portraying itself as the protector and propagator of Conservative ideals and Nationalism. Its leaders are among the most vocal voices whenever an issue involving a threat to Hindu identity or to the Hindu community itself arises. The party also presents a fairly free market stance towards the Economy and its future, and its Caste-based vote bank politics is relatively toned down compared to that of its opponents.

Betraying real Hindu interests

Yet, the BJP is not the promised saviour that it has claimed to be for so long. It doesn’t take much investigation to find out the truth about whether the party has really stuck to its original goals and promises, and whether it has any actionable plan to reverse the steady decline of Indic Civilisation. The decisive issue which led to the BJP’s rise to political relevance, and later prominence, is no doubt that of the Ayodhya Ram temple. The BJP and its ideological siblings from the Sangh Parivar have been advocating the replacement of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya with a temple dedicated to Lord Ram since at least the 1980s. Several decades later, even after having successfully come to power both at the Centre and in the state of Uttar Pradesh (where Ayodhya is located) multiple times since, the BJP has failed to create any concrete headway in the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, and the case regarding the whole dispute remains stuck in the Indian judicial labyrinth.

The Ayodhya Ram Temple issue is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the list of  BJP failures in defending the interests of Hindus. Native hindus Assam have been swamped and outbred by so many millions of illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh that they are almost at the point of demographic no return when it comes to maintaining their status as a majority in their lands in the coming decades. The data from the 2011 Census proves this point beyond doubt; as of 2011, Muslims form 34.22% of Assam’s total population, up from 30.9% in the 2001 Census. The numbers for the age group 0-4 are even more startling- Muslim children are approximately 45% in this bracket, and this was almost six years back.

The situation in West Bengal is not much better, with the native Bengali Hindus being continuously outbred by both their local Muslim communities, as well as by illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants. The Muslim minority in that State has so much political clout now, owing obviously to their ever increasing numbers, that they are courted fervently by both the major political parties there- the Trinamool Congress as well as the Communist Party of India (Marxist), being the decisive vote bank that sways the pendulum of power towards either of the two, depending on the degree of special treatment each one promises them.

The BJP has utterly failed to put a stop to the limitless flow of economic migrants coming from Bangladesh. It didn’t take any meaningful steps to seal India’s porous eastern border with that country, and also didn’t make any effort to dislodge through deportation the untold millions of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam and West Bengal. The demographic picture for the rest of the country has not been much rosier either- Hindus are slowly but steadily losing their share in the overall population, with the Muslim minority on the other hand consistently outbreeding them across the length and breadth of the Republic. The BJP, or even the supposedly more orthodox affiliates of the Sangh Parivar, have never displayed any concrete vision for how they are going to arrest this never ending decline of Hindus. The BJP has become a typical mainstream party which has no appetite for any radical change that may alter the disaster course that India, and by extension, Indic Civilisation, is on.

Economic failures

Even on the economic front, the same story of incredible incompetence and a series of failures of the BJP continues. A common misconception rife among the people is that the BJP represents a free market oriented party dedicated to liberalising the economy and propelling the country towards rapid GDP growth which will in turn raise hundreds of millions of our starving masses to a better state. This couldn’t be any further from the truth of what has actually occurred. The previous BJP led NDA government that was defeated in 2004 managed to maintain an average GDP growth rate of 6.1% during its tenure. On the other hand, the UPA, for all its economic ineptitude and leftist economic short-sightedness, managed to grow the economy at a faster rate during both its subsequent tenures, at an average of 9.4% during UPA 1 and 7.4% during UPA 2.

Obviously this doesn’t necessarily mean that the UPA has been a much better manager of the economy, because that left-leaning party also abuses the Government’s power of borrowing to a much greater extent than the NDA, leading to substantially higher fiscal deficits, and also much higher Inflation. The current BJP led government under Modi has managed to somewhat better the slow GDP growth rate during the final years of the tenure of the last UPA government, and has actually also managed to bring down Inflation to a large extent, but on the other hand, has not lived up to its promise of creating millions of new jobs every year and reducing the burden of unemployment on the populace. The BJP has managed to push through some economic reforms like the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is certainly a step in the right direction, but has fundamentally failed in rolling back the inefficient welfarism of the previous Government. It’s difficult for anyone to explain how the BJP’s current rule has fundamentally bettered the financial fortunes of the Indian people, when the marginally higher , albeit erratic, GDP growth has not translated to any career opportunities for tens of millions of young Indian men and women who’ve recently entered the ranks of job seekers.

Strategic timidity

The supposedly Nationalistic BJP has also nearly continued the same Defence policy of its predecessor. In fact, the security situation in the Kashmir valley has actually gotten worse since the BJP came to power, and the number of violent incidents and terrorist recruits is again on the rise. The Pakistani establishment continues to treat the Indian Government’s warnings of retaliation like the joke they are. Elements within the Pakistani Military and Government continue to harbour Anti-India forces and direct their actions in not just Indian territory, but also against Indian interests in Afghanistan. As the most powerful and dominant country in South Asia, India should have taken major interest in the direction of political events in Afghanistan decades ago, but even the BJP has decided to completely abandon India’s duty is a regional power. The sum total of India’s efforts in Afghanistan is some paltry “Development and Humanitarian Aid” while the Pakistanis have taken a much more direct approach to the matter and have completely outmanoeuvred India in that country because of the persistent Ostrich like strategic policy of India which the BJP has continued to perpetuate.

The Chinese have also totally outsmarted us with a long term strategy to cripple any chance that India may have had of countering the China-Pakistan axis. Under the mammoth One Belt and One Road (OBOR) Initiative, the Chinese have pledged investments to the tune of 57 Billion US Dollars in Infrastructure Projects in Pakistan to create what they’ve named the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), virtually turning Pakistan into a Chinese vassal State that will act as a bulwark against any Indian ambitions as a regional or global power. Troops from China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) routinely violate Indian territorial integrity along the border regions with not much of an Indian reaction except vague promises of a strong response from the BJP leadership.

The obvious conclusion that one can draw from its past track record is that the BJP has become just another mainstream Political party filled with career Politicians who’re all talk but no action. The cancer of Cultural Marxism that we continue to import from the West, combined with strongly antagonistic and rapidly growing minority communities endanger the very fundamental identity of Indian Civilisation today and there is no reversal of this overall trend that has happened under BJP rule or will occur any time soon with their supposed Right-wing leadership. The economic aspirations of the vast majority of the Indian population have not received the shot in the arm that was promised to them and the BJP continues to be a party driven by the financial muscle of large Industrialists and the outdated, imprecise ideological views of the old men at the helm of the Sangh Parivar. Far from emerging as a World power, India continues on the path of Civilisational decline and disintegration.

The Indian people desperately need an alternative to the run of the mill politics of the BJP and all other major Indian parties. There is an urgent need for a political alternative that puts the Nation and its people first and foremost. The true Patriots among the Indian people need to wake up and call out the political mainstream for their fraud and their ineptitude. The false Democracy that has taken root in our country is not an instrument for the emancipation of the people from Elitist lordship, but is just another tool for wealthy Internationalists to further their sole objective of profit making at the cost of the identity and integrity of our Civilisation and our people.

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