An Indian nationalist take on the Jewish question

One of the most prominent facets of the rising wave of popular nationalist discontent surging throughout the Western world has been its focus on the Jewish question.  As the use of the Internet has become ubiquitous throughout the developed world, information and awareness about the Jewish question (JQ) have also permeated rapidly to millions of nationalists in a large number of countries. The Alt right of course is the vanguard behind the reinvigorated demand to address this age old issue, even as mainstream conservatives keep ignoring it.

Most politically aware Indians, particularly those on the conservative end of the spectrum, have always tended to have a fairly straightforward approach regarding the Jews- to look at them as natural allies and as a worthy race to emulate considering their financial and intellectual success. A much less analysed phenomenon is Jewish ethno-centrism that seeks to erode social cohesion in their host countries through political backing of leftist/Cultural Marxist movements. In my opinion, the latter also requires a deeper level of understanding to better prepare ourselves for the rapid changes taking place in the International political order today.

Jewish Dominance- By the Numbers

To begin our analysis, let’s firstly take a look at the level of Jewish dominance across a variety of key fields, beginning with the media. Hollywood is quite famously known to have roots which are almost entirely Jewish. Almost all major established studios were started by Jews, for example Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, MGM etc. According to an estimate going back to 1994, Jews occupied 60% of all important positions in Hollywood. It’s safe to assume that even today a critical mass of the top echelons of Hollywood is Jewish.

But Hollywood and traditional media are not nearly as important as they used to be before the beginning  of the Internet Age, so have the Jews managed to extend their influence in the media to critical tech businesses? Oh, you bet. Both of Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, come from Jewish backgrounds. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is also Jewish. Even growing online streaming giant Netflix has at least one co-founder (out of two) with Jewish heritage. American Jewry is also incredibly influential in the field of Finance, where well known Investment Banks such as Goldman Sachs and the now defunct Lehman Brothers were founded by German Jews. Three out of the last Chairpersons of the Federal Reserve (the body which controls America’s money supply) have also been Jews.

A striking picture of just how powerful Jews are globally is given by one brief statistic: 11.6% of the world’s two thousand odd US dollar billionaires are Jewish, despite Jews only comprising 0.2% of the global population. This figure rises to 20% if we look at the top 50 billionaires. In the United States itself, roughly a quarter of all billionaires are Jewish. In European countries as well, where Jewish populations are considerably smaller, both in size and in proportion compared to the US, Jews are heavily over represented, for example in France where the Jewish population is barely 1% of the total, Jews are close to 9% of all Billionaires. Similar statistics again demonstrate the same sort of sway held by Jewry across other countries of Continental Europe, as well as in the United Kingdom.

The common accusation stemming from this flabbergasting data is that the vast majority of this success is due to unethical and greedy tribalism on part of the Jews, who unleash a wholly amoral parasitism on the native population of their host country.

I think such a viewpoint is too simplistic an explanation and misses a major point of consideration in this whole discussion, that is Jewish cognitive ability relative to the other citizens of the Western World.

The Ashkenazim, who make up the vast majority of Western Jewry, are widely shown to score in the 110-115 range in IQ tests, which is 10-15 points higher than the mean IQ for Whites. It is also well established that such differences between average IQ of populations reflect even greater variance at the higher end of IQ distribution which means that a 10-15 point IQ difference is enough to produce a manifold overrepresentation of the higher IQ group at the tail end of the Bell curve. So, the assertion which is naturally propounded by those who advocate this line of reasoning is that the 10-12 times Jewish overrepresentation at the top of social hierarchy is just a product of the Jews being 10-12 times naturally overrepresented in the bracket of the most intelligent individuals. I believe that this explanation is also not sufficient justification.

The truth is probably a mix of the two options, one- that Jews definitely do have a cognitive advantage which naturally leads to an overrepresentation at higher end positions, and two- that Jews have a tendency to be more ethno-centric relative to the general population in their host nations. The next obvious question which then needs answering is whether the Jews use their economic and political clout to deliberately subvert other groups demographically and culturally as part of a tribalistic war to keep their enemies divided and down. I honestly doubt so.

Factionalism and Tribalism

Over the past few decades, Liberal Jews have become increasingly distraught and disconnected with the state of Israel, with many on the extreme left effectively backing the Palestinians against their own people. George Soros, probably the most famous of the Leftist Jews who’s accused of subverting the West, has also been accused of pushing the same campaign of “Open Borders” in Israel, triggering a sharp response from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On the other hand, many prominent conservatives who’re also seen aligned with the Alt-right, like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos, have played a prominent role in drumming up support for the rising wave of nationalism in the West.

The great degree to which many hardcore leftist Jews in the West have themselves turned against Zionism and criticise it publicly also goes to show that there are indeed major political divisions within International Jewry. If there were just one monolithic Jewish power clique then you wouldn’t have a major section of prominent members pushing at times an entirely contradictory agenda targeting the state of Israel. It is a far more likely possibility that there are many different factions of the International elites, some of which may be Jewish, like the Zionists.

If we look at commonly seen in-group preference within many financially successful and mercantile communities in India like the Marwari Baniyas, the Parsis, the Dawoodi Bohras, etc., it becomes obvious that the sort of ethnic networking the Jews are accused of is nothing novel or uniquely parasitical. It may be true that Ashkenazi Jews employ a certain degree of tribalism in the West to their advantage in Business, Finance, Politics and other important fields, but to accuse them of plotting to “enslave the goyim” and “keeping the white man down” would be as unreasonable as claiming that Marwaris in Calcutta actively conspire to keep the Bengali commoner permanently shackled through their financial trickery.

Although I strongly sympathise with the new wave of Nationalism sweeping across the West against Islam and Cultural Marxism, the obsessive blaming of every single problem on the Jews is somewhat unimaginative and absurd. Nationalists from India should empathise with the European peoples in their struggle against our common enemies but we must take up a drastically different position from that of the Western Alt-Right with regard to the Jews in general, and the state of Israel in particular.

Making Common Cause

Israel is quite rightly called the single most powerful state in all of the Middle East, and it will only grow stronger in the future with its robust economy and its massive capabilities in cyber warfare as well as conventional Defence industry. It is the only Industrialised country that has replacement level fertility and will see rapid demographic growth for decades to come, unlike European nations which are ageing and replacing their native populations with imported hordes of low quality foreigners. It has also successfully expanded its writ into the Palestinian terror enclave that is the West Bank through a brilliant policy of creating Settlements.

The Zionists are a faction to emulate and ally with, not hate and distrust. Israel has been a willing and constant ally to India since the beginning and India only has to gain with further cooperation and closer ties with Israel as Israel keeps ascending as a regional power and a decent-sized economy. Also importantly, as I previously said, Zionist backers of Israel are a powerful global elite faction who will give added support to Indian goals at the world stage, whether through their influence in the United States or through their networks in International bodies.

Thus, the ideal Indian Nationalist stance on the Jewish question is to join the battle against Internationalist leftist Jewry while simultaneously building a brotherly bond with the state of Israel and the Zionist faction worldwide.

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